- continued -

This is another one of the Michigan crew, Jim Mackey, of superhappydvd.com. But, he's not the only noteworthy thing in this picture.

There's also this lady.

What the heck's her problem? Ehhh, everyone's a critic.

At least Terri is still smiling. No ugly faces or unprovoked insults from her. There now, that's how you're supposed to behave in public.

The raffle table: A veritable cornucopia of valuable artwork, collectable books, and, um, a couple of postal scales.

Look at these hopefuls drooling over all those valuable trinkets.

Little did they know that Dan Collins would swoop in and buy up most of the winning tickets.

Even so, we did pretty brisk business. I myself scored one of those... postal scales.

Credit goes to Jenny Robb, Associate Curator of the OSU Cartoon Research Library, for arranging to have Keith Knight visit our little club.

Speaking of Keith!

Dan Collins and Don Peoples, biding their time.