www.ncs-glc.com is the website of the Great Lakes Chapter of

the National Cartoonists Society


    • POLLY KEENER Chairman
    • EARL MUSICK Vice Chairman
    • ED BLACK Secretary-Treasurer

EARL MUSICK - Organizing Chairman

CRAIG BOLDMAN - Past Chairman

MARK SZORADY - Past Chairman

STEVE BOREMAN - Past Chairman

POLLY KEENER - Past Chairman


GLyph ARTIST - Daryll Collins

Webmaster - Rich Diesslin

News items, member announcements, general inquiries, please contact Polly.

For web inquires contact Rich



Here (that is, below this box) are a few banners, to allow you to link your own website to The GLyph! Why would you want to do that? While the GLyph is for our members, it's also not a bad thing to invite the public at large to see what's going on amongst us. And, a little cross-pollination among our sites helps us all build a little bit of an audience. We have nothing to hide, do we? Well, er, never mind that. The more people looking at our work, the better for all of us, is my theory. Not to mention, we have that bookstore section, and it would be nice if we gave somebody outside the club a chance to whip out their Visa cards once in a while.

So: Copy a banner and add it to your site and link it to: