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Last Update - 3/23/15

R.I.P. Roy Doty

To Roy and those who knew him (or wish they did):

It's a terrible loss to have such a tremendous creative talent and a wonderful friend be silenced. We were all so fortunate to have known Roy Doty as long as we did and will have the joy of his humorous illustrations and memories of his feisty spirit to enjoy always. He was younger at heart than most people half his age.

We miss you, Roy. We'll miss you at our Great Lakes Chapter meetings with the lovely Nancy Maar: we'll miss you calling to account folks at the National Cartoonists Society annual meetings: we'll miss your clever Christmas cards and "purfeled" page edge decorations: we'll miss your joy, your martinis and your amazing cartoon versatility and accomplishments, as well as your laser-like frankness at Reuben category judgings, and, of course, your savoir faire and indomitable sense of fun. Roy also won about 8 Reuben category awards, the NCS Gold Medal, illustrated 178 books, had a TV show, a comic strip, invented board games, monthly and weekly gigs with different magazines, etc. etc., etc. He also worked form 9 AM to midnight every day. A rare and wonderful combination of traits and talents made you truly "one of a kind."

Roy's friend Nancy Maar has suggested that we might want to do, at a later date, a memorial celebration/tribute to Roy and other GLC members have suggested tributes in his honor, possibly to the NCS Foundation or the Billy Ireland Library. Thank you all for your thoughts and offers of help. Together, we'll come up with something good. Meanwhile, check out the links to Roy's TV show in 1954 (, that Adrian Sinnott sent. Roy also is on Wikipedia.

on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, NCS

Read more on Roy at the NCS web site (click here)

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