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Last Update - 2/25/15

Alerts updated 2/25/15

GLC Chapter Reubens Ad

Hi, Everyone!

It's that time of the year again, Reuben Journal ad time.  For the last few years, we've done a wonderful full-page group GLC ad and would like to do that again.  It always gets lots of attention.  In years past, about 17-19 people have participated, about the maximum number we can fit in the ad.  The full-page ad this year (again) costs $600, so the cost per person will depend upon how many of us participate, probably about $35 per person -- way less than buying even the smallest individual ad.

If you want to join the GLC ad, please let me know so I can keep count and let you know the exact cost later.
Dan Collins has graciously agreed to pull everyone's ads together in a coherent production and get it to David Folkman before April 1.  Dan has done a superb job juggling our past disparate art contributions into fun big ads.  The overall "title" of the ad will probably be congratulations to the Reuben Award nominees.  You can send a piece of your art, a self-caricature, message or whatever will reproduce well in the size of a small business card.  Try to get your ad to Dan by mid-March to give him time to arrange things and get the ad in on time.  For more info email Dan!


Cleveland Comic Con

Friday, February 20 through Sunday Feb 22, there will be a huge Comic Con at the Cleveland Convention Center.  There is a long guest list of celebrities as well as local writers and artists.  If you are interested (and not frozen to the ground), go to for admission prices and to buy tickets, etc.

Thanks to GLC Treasurer Ed Black for calling this to my attention.

Polly Keener, GLC Chair

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