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Mysteries at the Museum
GLC Meeting 8/27

Hi, Everyone!

Hope you are having a great summer. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, August 27 at 11:30 AM.  We’re having a fun meeting at the magnificent Cleveland Public Library and lunch at (we hope) the fabulous, historic Arcade across the street.

The Library has an exhibition of Ohio cartoons, a Shakespeare show, and a new, big Superman collection just donated to them.  We also hope to celebrate 51 years of “The Born Loser” strip by Art and Chip Sansom.  Chip is one of our founding GLC members.  Family and friends are welcome.  Our famous, fabulous door prizes, too.  We’ll need a count soon.  If you want to stay overnight, there is a great new hotel in the Arcade and parking there and, for extra fun, the nearby Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Car and Aviation museum, etc. 

So, please plan to join us on Saturday, August 27 at 11:30 AM for our own “Mysteries at the Museum” Day.

More details soon or contact me.


Legendary Cleveland Reporter Neil Zurcher

Many Northeast Ohioans know Neil as the VERY FIRST and original “One Tank Trip” reporter on Cleveland Fox 8 WJW TV. For nearly 40 years Neil has been traveling the roads of Ohio, and beyond, reporting on unique and entertaining travel stops that are only a “One Tank Trip” from Cleveland, Ohio. This is his fairwell tour ...

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Mark Szorady

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