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Mysteries at the Museum Follow-up

Hi, Everyone!

Thought you all would be interested in this nice article by Mike Sangiacomo in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about our event celebrating Art and Chip Sansom for 50 years of The Born Loser comic strip.  We had a great time. Link below. 


Last week, Chip Sansom and his late father were honored by the Great Lakes Chapter of the American Cartoonists Society with a plaque for 50 years ...'Born+Loser'+and+cartoonist+Chip+Sansom+honored+for+50+years+in+print+(video)&cd=KhMxMzIwNjcxMTYwODA0ODc4ODE2Mho0NDYzNDY2ZDAxYjc3YjM5OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWQUOuA0bDVdnw5PBBfYRHmaC4NQA'Born+Loser'+and+cartoonist+Chip+Sansom+honored+for+50+years+in+print+(video)&cd=KhMxMzIwNjcxMTYwODA0ODc4ODE2Mho0NDYzNDY2ZDAxYjc3YjM5OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWQUOuA0bDVdnw5PBBfYRHmaC4NQA'Born+Loser'+and+cartoonist+Chip+Sansom+honored+for+50+years+in+print+(video)&cd=KhMxMzIwNjcxMTYwODA0ODc4ODE2Mho0NDYzNDY2ZDAxYjc3YjM5OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWQUOuA0bDVdnw5PBBfYRHmaC4NQA

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