30-60-90 Birthday Party Photos

The Birthday Gang - Whitney Keener (30), Roy Doty (90) and Frank Pauer (60)!

Don Peoples, Paul Combs, and Frank

Whitney and Roy

Jerry gives Roy the Dirty Rat!

Gerri and Jerry Dowling

Dan Collins and Jeff Stahler

Earl Music, Roy Doty, Bob and Whitney Keener

Ed Black with a hardy "Hi-O-Silver and away"

Earl creeping out Vicky Collins

Apparently longevity and martinis are related, something akin to pickling perhaps?

Jerry with Tony Cochran, either contemplating or having already tried pickling ... er ... Roy's martinis!

Gerri and Don next to Roy's multitude of NCS awards

Polly Keener striking her Vogue Magazine pose

Roy looking for that lost shaker of salt ...

Vicky finding out what Roy really does in his spare time!

Don adds to Roy's Birthday poster ...

... while Jeff adds to Whitney's

Paul Combs and Rich Diesslin caught solving the world's problems ...

... and then Paul documents it!


Photos thanks to the Keeners!

Thanks to the 30-60-90 crew for hosting a nice birthday party and congratulations on making it to the next year.
We all wish you many, many more!