National Cartoonist Society
2011 Reuben Awards Weekend


Guardians of the Reubens!

Apparently they had something to do with saving the country, but no one can figure out just what.
However, no one would pull Jerry's finger.

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 The Tuxedos

The Awards

Some Friday Presentation Highlights:

Crumudgeon Corner:
Roy Doty, RC Harvey and Ed Black

Roy's Posse

Roy's talk

Three Web Cartoonists Discuss Web Cartooning

John Read does a Quick Video of Mike Peters Drawing Grimmy

Saturday Afternoon Presentation Highlights

Jeff Kinney Discuss the Phenomenon that is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Four Wimpy Kids

Sunday Evening Going Costume Party

Jeff Kean and Bunny Hoest (no not Betsy and George)

Batman and Catwomen
(aka Tom and Anna Richmond)

You just know these two were up to something!
(Jerry and Gerri Dowling)

I think I'm being Stalked by Lynn Johnston but I could be paranoid (hey! quit looking at me). We seem to eat together a lot (FCA and now). Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Chad Carpenter, new baby and Batman!

George and Betsy (aka Jeff and lovely wife)

Frank Pauer relaxing after working on Cartoon!st articles much of the weekend (or so he says).

New Superheros Sergio Argones and Jerry Dowling

Superheros get all the girls! Polly Keener and Sergio.
Don't even ask about the beads.

Roy Doty with Whitney Keener

Saturday Night at the Dinner

The Fairmont Ballroom looking up

and down

Just Three Guys looking for Trouble.
Tim Oliphant, John Read and Rich Diesslin

Gerri and Jerry Dowling

Vicki and Dan Collins - Preparing for the picture.

In the picture!

New GLC Chapter Member Paul Combs

The Keener Twins - Whitney and Polly

Roy Doty

R.C. Harvey an Ed Black

Frank Pauer and John Read

Scott Kurtz and Wiley Miller

Bill Kellogg and lovely wife (I think)

Gary Varvel (potentially a GLC member if he joins NCS - Indianapolis is that us?) felt so bad for Rich for not even getting into the top 3 Book Illustration nominees (and even worse a cartoon book about butts won) offers him his Reuben for Editorial Cartoonist of the Year.
Okay, he wouldn't even let me hold it!

Some Reuben Reflections from Jerry Dowling:

Start the Journey through his BLOG of
the events here! Some really fun photos
and observations!

Congrats to Roy Doty!

Congrats to Lucy Caswell for the Silver T-Square!

  • Silver T-Square - Lucy Caswell
  • Gold Key Award - Roy Doty
  • Lifetime Achievement - R.O. Blechman
  • Comic Book - Jill Thompson
  • Editorial Cartoon - Gary Varvel
  • Gag Cartoon - Nicolas Marlet
  • TV Animation - Dan Krall
  • Newspaper Illustration - Michael McParlane
  • Newspaper Panel - Glenn McCoy
  • Graphic Novel - Joyce Farmer
  • Greeting Card - Jim Benton
  • Newpaper Strip - Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley
  • Magazine - Anton Edmin
  • Book Illustration - Mike Lester
  • Reuben - Richard Thompson

Congrats to Dan Collins who was nominated in the greeting card division. Jim Benton won, but at least Dan didn't lose to the Butt Book. Just sayin'!

For those keeping Score agains Hogan's Alley Predictions, they got 5 out of 14 correct ... close to the same as if they and selected totally at random (3 choices for each). So, not impressed, but still fun reading. I hope they do it again next year.

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