Great Lakes Chapter Meeting

Photo Log 2/19/2011

The Stately Keener Manor

Top to Bottom:
Mark Szorady, Frank Pauer, Chris Payne
Chip Bok, Don Peoples, Daryll Collins
Polly Keener, Ed Black, Jerry Dowling, Earl Musick, Roy Doty, Craig Boldman, Rich Diesslin and Dan Collins
(I'm not saying that Polly is Batwoman, but there was a closet full of battle armor and body in the basement.)

Pictures from the Judging!
(Yep, just the pictures, see you at the Reubens for the results!)

The Rest!
(This column has photos of the lunch and chapter meeting!)

Polly and Roy, the seasoned veterans of judging, formed a mighty brain trust -
the procedure was established and the rest was review, review, review! Dan
observes in amazement as Roy cartoons on his head without even looking.

Everyone moves around as they grab a stack, review, evaluate and repeat.
Here Chris, Earl, Rich and Roy place bets on how long until Earl is eaten
by the tiger.

Forming a power vortex, former chapter president, Craig, and
vp, Darryl, study their stack intently.

Ed and Don do the same.

I lost big money on this. The tiger didn't eat Earl, turns out it
was stuffed, but Chris bit him just after this picture.

Mark finds a corner with good lighting, and a safe distance away from Chris.

Ed decided to punch himself in the jaw to try to remain awake as we needed
to review over 700 comic strips, Don shows off his speed reading skills,
and Polly and her daughter, Whitney, discuss just how long the group could
last before eating.

Dan shows off his deer-in-the-headlights look
while Mark gets dangerously close to Chris.

Ed and Don review the submissions for the seeing impaired.
Perhaps a size limit should be suggested for future years!

Polly, Earl and Rich take a break to practice a bit of Shakespeare.
Earl thinks he's tamed the Tiger.

Roy tries to show Chris how to review faster - "stop biting
people and just read the comics." After which Chris bit him.

Jerry - "What do you think of these?"
Frank - "I dunno, what do you think?"

Jerry - "Where is George Burns when you need him!"
(Gotta love that shirt!)

We judged for about an hour and a half, took a lunch break, and then back at it.

Mark and Vickie discuss the great food Polly has provided! We
had super delicious Reuben sandwiches (appropriately), among
a wide variety of other entrees and desserts! Yum! Thanks Polly!

Bob, Frank, Janet and Roy enjoy lunch in the library wing
of the Keener estate.

Gerri, Don, Dan and Bob back at the other end of the room.
They had to use cell phones to reach the other end of the room!

Roy shows Polly and Whitney how if he moves his hands
fast enough he can actually disappear.

Polly, chapter president, and Earl, vp, move into the regular
chapter meeting after all the voting had been completed.

Earl presents Craig and Daryll with engraved beer steins
for their years of service to the chapter.

Chip says what's on Craig and Daryll's hearts
"Aren't these supposed to be filled with beer?"

Ed gives the treasurer's report. Don listens intently, of course.

Then Ed and Don then have a good laugh at the numbers!
Polly thinks, perhaps beer and wine with lunch wasn't such a good idea.
Oh wait, we're cartoonists ... it was an excellent idea.

Dan and Roy secretely know something that you don't know.

Then to bring it back full circle (depending on how you read this)
the view from downstairs ...

... and on the stairs! These photos were actually taken at the end of the meeting
in case you are keeping score at home.

Thanks to Jerry and Gerri Dowling, Polly Keener,
and Rich Diesslin for the pictures.

It was another fun gathering and very productive!

Thanks to the Bob and Polly Keener for opening up their home to us
and the wonderful lunch and refreshments!

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