Great Lakes Chapter Meeting

Photo Log 8/29/2010

The Stahler Museum of Cartoon Art

The Festivities

A rustic long and narrow lot with a classic brick house in German Village

A very important side yard as it contains the liquid refreshment!
And a door to the kitchen!

Ed sports his festive shirt which makes him virtually invisble in
certain parts of the backyard.

Backyard looking forward ... very nice landscaping! (Ed middle)

Backyard looking toward the back (Ed is on the left)

I'm not sure anyone actually lives in this house, very pristine!

One of the many galleries of original cartoon art ... even the bathroom
had this kind of display. Hard not to be in awe of it! No room left for
other works of fine artwork like the poker dogs or Velvet Elvis though!

Jeff actually runs an extention of the Columbus Airport control tower
from his third story. He he demonstrates how to bring in a 747.

Wow! You can actually see the tops of the desks ... how cool is that!

And this is were the creativity happens! Jeff is like 7 feet tall, and this
is the only place in the room he can sit without hitting his head. ;)

In no particular order, here are some action shots of the the gathering.
The big question - appetizers before or with lunch?! They couldn't
decide so the compromise was both! (committees - gotta love 'em)

Jeff has Earl and Daryll just where he wants them ...

... Jeff shows Rich how he can make them cross their arms. Pretty cool!

Polly's and Earl's (new Chapter Chair and Vice Chair) first
executive decision: desert - they are definately in favor of it!

Bob is showing Vickie how he can read her mind. It's the 7 of diamonds.

Craig demonstrates the proper cola pouring technique.

Roy apparently can't wait for football to start.

What is it with Roy and the Ladies? Craig, Terri and Vickie keep
a close eye on Craig's mom.

Jerry, Daryll and Earl - who will blink first?

"Okay, now put your hands on your hips ..." This guy is good!
Then Jeff uses Jedi mind skills to summons everyone to lunch.

Tony explains his harrowing trip to the doctor for a routine physical
and Vickie confirms that he IS Agnes! ;)

Next big question - appetizers with desert??? Yeah, why not!

Thanks to Dan Collins for the Pictures. It was another fun gathering.

Thanks to the Stahlers for opening up their home to us.

Check out this recent CNN Interview with Jeff from his Studio.

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