Great Lakes Chapter Meeting

Photo Log 2/21/2010
Video (thanks Marilyn!)

Daryll Collins gearing up for his multimedia extravaganza, while the others are trying not to stare at his butt. (except that guy in the back who isn't even with our group, hmm - a fan perhaps?!) Bob Queen, treasurer Ed Black, Don Peoples and Earl Musick. Okay, just where are the leprechauns anyway?!
Frank Pauer and Randy Rider
Who needs leprechauns, we've got the Guinness!
Don Peoples, Earl Musick
Who would win at football - Ohio State or Popeye?
Roy Doty, Ed Black
Discussing what exactly constitutes a "dry" martini ...
Steve ("Little Dog Lost") Boreman
Apparently also lost himself in the Dungeon of Guinness

Tony ("Agnes") Cochran, Bob and Polly Keener. Bob is apparently protecting Polly from some unknown threat (notice the phaser on his belt), Tony seems ready to assist. Truth be known, that's his garage door opener, but maybe "they" don't know that!
 Jeff ("Moderately Confused") Stahler, Jerry Dowling
Okay, who got here early to warm up the bar?
Ssshhhnot, mehhh ...

Quiz time - How many do you know?
No cheating and looking at the other pictures!

Ed Black, Raffle Boss
"Nobodies leaving here without a ticket and a picture."
Rich (the late one) Diesslin
"Raffle, yeah right, all I have to do is reach over ..."

Craig (the Pres) Boldman opening the meeting with the Texas
Long Horn oath while being mocked by some guy on TV!

Daryll Collins getting to the much anticipated part of his presentation "the end" (just kidding - as you can see the audience is spellbound). Seriously, I'm not just saying that, (that's $10 Daryll) ...

Janet and Frank Pauer and accesories. Frank is looking pretty happy about this raffle win and Janet is thinking he gets to wear it!

The Collins brothers (Dan and Daryll and their other brother Daryll), Chris Payne, Craig Boldman. Overheard "We like boxes and stuff." Okay, I know they aren't brothers, don't e-mail me ...

Ron (who dat?) Hill and Craig Boldman just after the dance portion of the afternoon.

Craig Boldman, Vicky Collins, Gerry Dowling, and Don Peoples.
Funny I don't remember it being that cold in there ...

Tony Cochran and Ron Hill, winners of the figure skating competition apparently the second pair to successfully perform the iron lotus.



SUNDAY, FEB. 21 - 1:00 p.m.

Claddagh Irish Pub
Columbus, OH - Polaris Parkway - Map

8745 Sancus Blvd
Columbus, Ohio 43240
Phone: (614) 885-0100
Fax: (614) 885-0957

And last but not least Earl Musick and Don Peoples. I do not think the little arrow thing has anything to do with Earl, but I could be wrong. 


Many of you will remember this location from our previous dinner meeting there. It was very popular, so we're going back to check out how they are for lunch. It'll be individual checks, off the menu.

On the program will be a multimedia presentation / career overview by chapter co-chair/two-time Reuben Division winner Daryll Collins!

Also, the usual GLC Raffle, show of art (bring your latest!), etc. 

Thanks to Craig Boldman for the Pictures! It was another fun gathering!

Don't forget to check out the video -!

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