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Remembering Wes Alexander


6/26/08: Ed Black's

10/30/07: THURBER HOUSE/


7/9/07: FINALLY:



11/19/06: Mid-Ohio Con

10/8/06: NEWSLETTER!

9/21/06: San Diego Con

9/21/06: 2006 Reuben Pics

8/1/06: What's Up With Seth

6/29/06: Karl Kesel speaks

San Diego Con

5/30/06: GLC at the VA


2/5/06: Check out the
OSU Cartoon Research Library's

11/29/05: PHOTO GALLERY:
GLC at Mid-Ohio Con

GLC "Red Door" Meeting

GLC "Born Loser 40th" Tribute Book

7/24/05: REUBEN Pic of the Day

6/22/05: Jef Mallett's


6/4/05: Scenes from the San Diego Con

4/7/05: JEF "Frazz" MALLETT Interview

4/7/05: JEFF COBB HITS 50!

4/7/05: GLC Pete Hoffman TRIBUTE GALLERY

4/7/05: 2004 FESTIVAL of CARTOON ART


4/7/05: Ed Black: ELZIE SEGAR

4/7/05: At long last: DISNEY, Part 3

4/7/05: Expanded Roy Hearn Gallery


* Read Ed Black's Pittsburgh Report *

2/28/05: The GLC SiteGeist

2/10/05: The GLyph STORE!

2/13/05: Vent your spleen on


1/18/05: WILL EISNER


9/8/04: Picking R.C. HARVEY's brain

8/27/04: The Norm's MICHAEL JANTZE


8/16/04: GLyph BANNERS










In case you didn't know, the print versions of The GLyph, infrequent as they are, can be downloaded to your computer as pdf's. Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other fiendish device is requires to read those things. If you don't have one, you can download it from the link below.

As I continue to work on this thing, I keep learning a few tricks of the trade. The issue 1 download, which previously had been a whopping giant file, is now a very manageable 1/3 of its previous size. So you can now download without your computer exploding.

Anyway, there have been a grand total of two, supposedly quarterly, issues to date. Have a ball!



Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader



There have been a number of incremental updates on the site over the past few weeks. For instance:

You may have noticed the "Comic Strip Quote of the Day" on the opening screen. Vaguely philosophical-sounding stuff, pulled from comic strips anywhere and everywhere. That's just harmless fun.

The Amazon Associates account has been set up for the chapter, so the bookstore can be considered fully functional as of now. That means we'll continue to add new member items as they become available. As a matter of fact, many new items have been added for purchase. Sales made through that page benefit the chapter and help defray costs of the website.

A few GLyph banners have been made available, in case you want to add a link to the website to your own site.

The Member Directory has been updated with a few new members, but we're waiting for you to add your info to make the directory more complete.

On the Comics Page, Ziggy has been added to the lineup, since its omission thus far was an oversight. For Better Or Worse has been removed, as Lynn Johnston is no longer with our chapter. And, Blondie has been included in recognition of new member Dan Davis' gig as assistant on that strip.

A number of news items have been added to the Newsblurts page. But that section gets updated whenever news comes in, so you should be checking it regularly anyway. If you have news to report, please send it HERE.

These are relatively minor updates, and there will be more as the occasion arises. Major updates will happen quarterly, in conjunction with the release of the print version of the newsletter. Speaking of which...


After many delays and bug fixes, the first issue of the print version of The GLyph is in the mail. If you don't get one by the end of the millennium, please let me know HERE.

You can also download the thing in .pdf format, with a click of your mouse on the link below:




Thanks to the many contributors of photos, stories, artwork, news items, time, effort, etc. who help make this site fly. Special thanks to Wes Alexander, Mark Szorady and Don Lee, previous editors of the Great Lakes Cartoonicator, out from which sprang (like that face-hugger thing in 'Alien') the GLyph.

While you're here I recommend you not pass up the cartoon gallery of vintage work by Roy Hearn, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The more time I spent scanning and cleaning up these drawings for Ed Black's feature article, the more I grew to appreciate this artist's style.

Speaking of Ed, his cartoonist histories have always been a part of the GLC newsletter. For the reinvented newsletter (paper 'n' staples version as well as the online version of the GLyph), an editorial choice was made to focus exclusively on cartoonists from the Great Lakes region. It wasn't until we were hip deep in putting together the new issue that we realized that only the first part of Ed's multi-part article on Walt Disney had appeared in The Great Lakes Cartoonicator when the new approach was adopted, effectively leaving Disney hanging. To make amends, we're continuing "Walt Disney: How He Did It" here on the online GLyph as a special feature. Part One is rerun from the Cartoonicator, and Part Two appears here, for the first time anywhere. Part Three will be along soon. As a bit of good fortune, the piece now contains new photos of historic Disney-related sites, taken by Ed during the Reuben weekend in Kansas City.



2018 Below


2017 Below

Upcoming Exhibitions at
The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Open Tuesday – Sunday from 1-5pm. Closed Monday. Free. | | (614) 292-0538
Ohio State University - Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
Sullivant Hall, 1813 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210

Note: Galleries closed for exhibit install October 23, 2017 - November 3, 2017

LOOKING BACKWARD, LOOKING FORWARD:  Explore the topic of U.S. immigration through the lens of the political cartoons, comic strips, comic books and graphic novels that have contributed to the debate about this important, and often polarizing, issue.  Cartoons and comics can enlighten us, challenge our beliefs and misconceptions, and bring attention to injustices. However, history shows they can also reflect and magnify our fears and prejudices. From Thomas Nast to Gene Luen Yang, this exhibit looks back on 150 years of cartoon and comics responses to major moments in the American immigration narrative. In examining the past, it aims to inform the current debate, as we move forward with a story that is fundamental to the American experiment itself.

CARTOON COUTURE:  Satirizing, advertising, and codifying fashion has been a tradition in cartoons and comic art since the forms’ origins. Historically, the comics medium has often ridiculed the clothing trends of the “elite” to entertain all classes of readers. However, the same medium also disseminated knowledge about fashion widely to its audiences, especially when the rise of mass-produced ready-to-wear clothing coincided with the emergence of the newspaper comic strip in the first decades of the 20th century. This exhibition, in partnership with the OSU Historic Costume & Textiles Collection, highlights select fads, trends, and innovations from the 19th century through the 1970s, pairing examples of the clothing itself with the comic strips, cartoons, paper-dolls, and comic books in which these styles appeared.

Toonfest Contributions
Due the Week of 9/4/17

Greetings Fellow Cartoonists:

It's time for me to make my annual pitch for you to send a couple of samples of your work to be part of the annual cartoon exhibit that is held every year at the Walt Disney Hometown Toonfest in Marceline, MO.

I was a speaker at one of the early Toonfest events and I return every year to volunteer and hang out with my cartoonist buddies. One of my volunteer assignments is to round up cartoon art for the exhibit. The response I receive from you guys year after year is one reason I keep coming back to Marceline, MO to help out.

This year's Toonfest Headliners are John Glynn, President of Andrews McMeel Universal Syndicate, John Rose, Editorial Cartoonist and the "Snuffy Smith" comic feature, Barbara Dale, greeting card designer, and Disney animators Mike and Patty Peraza. This year's edition of the Disney Toonfest will run September 15-16.

I'm writing to ask you to send me a couple of examples of your work. If you choose to send them via email, please make them 10" wide and 200 or 300 dpi. When I get your files I'll print them and put them in precut mats that I have on hand. Please send electronic files directly to me at

Should you choose to send original art, the pieces should me matted or mounted on mat board. Original art should be sent directly to:

Toonfest Office
207 N. Main Street USA
Marceline, MO
Phone: 660-376-9258
Web Site:

Original artwork will be returned to you with the Toonfest paying for return shipping.

I need all electronic files to be in my hands for printing and matting no later then the week of September 4. We drive down to Marceline to hang the cartoon show on Thursday, Sept. 14.

You folks have always given a great response when I send out the call for cartoons for the Toonfest Exhibit and I'm sure this year will be no different. I'll look forward to receiving your cartoons!

Best wishes,
Paul Fell


Polly Posts:

Hi, folks!

We have an exciting event coming up at 1:00 PM on Saturday, August 19 at the beautiful Cleveland Public Library on Superior Avenue. The panel discussion has been moved to the larger Stokes Auditorium in the building adjoining the main library that is on Superior Avenue.  They also plan to live-stream the panel on their website.

They have a great three floor show of “Superman” art and memorabilia and eight Great Lakes Chapter members and friends will be participating in a super panel – presentations, discussions, Q&A, and open to the public.

Afterwards, we’ll have a special tour of the show and light refreshments in The Treasure Room.


Congrats to 2017 Reubens Nominees and Winners

View on the NCS Web Site

Photos by NCS's David Folkman and compiled by
Tom Heintjes of Hogan's Alley can be viewed at:

GLC Members Only Facebook Page

Erwin and Alfred Bergdoll Collection of Underground Comics and Original Art Donated to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Detail from comic feature by Jay Lynch containing numerous cartoons, 1968. The back of the piece is inscribed with: "Jive Comix 1 Page Jayzey Lynch." Ink on paper.

COLUMBUS: The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum (BICLM) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Alfred and Erwin Bergdoll Collection--approximately 1,370 underground comics, zines, and publications and over 1,000 pieces of original art, as well as correspondence, photographs, sketchbooks and other materials.

Included in this collection is original art by Aline Kominsky, Art Spiegelman, Justin Green, Kim Deitch, Rory Hayes, Jay Lynch and many others. Deitch first began selling his work to Erwin Bergdoll in 1972, after Erwin saw his work in an exhibit and contacted him.

The Fantastic Sancho of the Pampas, by Barbara “Willy” Mendes, 1969. Published by Gothic Blimp Works n.6, this original art includes three color separations for printing (each color is a separate sheet; the sheets are attached in layers).

About the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum: The BICLM is one of Ohio State University Libraries’ special collections. Its primary mission is to develop a comprehensive research collection of materials documenting American printed cartoon art (editorial cartoons, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, sports cartoons, and magazine cartoons) and to provide access to these collections.  The BICLM recently moved into its newly renovated 30,000 sq. ft. facility that includes a museum with three exhibition galleries, a reading room for researchers and a state-of-the-art collections storage space.  The library reading room is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 1 – 5 p.m.  See for further information.

Ohio State University Libraries
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
Contact: Caitlin McGurk
Sullivant Hall
1813 N. High St
Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-0538 Phone
614-292-9101 Fax




Save the Date for Reubens Judging
Saturday, March 4th

Hi, Everyone!

Hope you’re having a good New Year.  Just got word that the Great Lakes Chapter is invited to help judge one or more categories for the Reuben cartoon awards this year.  Am still awaiting word on which, but please mark your calendars and save time to participate.  There will be a free lunch and door prizes!

The likeliest date will be at our place in Akron on Saturday, March 4, noon, with a snow date of Sunday, March 5 if there is a blizzard on the 4th.  Please let me know if you can join our meeting on those dates to have fun and judge.  If those dates don’t work for enough people, we might get together instead on Saturday, February 25 with a snow date on the 26th.

It’s always fascinating to see all the submissions, rather than just the finalists, so come and help judge.  Your friends and family are welcome at lunch and to see the submissions, although only cartooning professionals qualify as judges.

Also, there are only four copies of Toon Appétit cartoons and recipe book left on the publisher’s website store.  Go to to buy one.


Let me know if you’re going to be able to join us.  Thanks!

Polly Keener, Chair
Great Lakes Chapter/NCS

Check Out Jerry Dowling's New Books!

Drawing the Grand Ole Country, The Way It Was and
Drawing the Hollywood Book of Fame

What a Hoot! It’s a Mike Peters Celebration

Hi, Everyone,
    The Great Lakes Chapter is hosting a November 12, 2016 private dinner for the renowned Mike Peters, his family and associates!  Is Mike Peters is one of the most fun and entertaining cartoonists on the planet?  Lots of folks think so.  The dinner (see attachment) we are hosting is in conjunction with other special happenings at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum on Saturday, November 12, 2016 and you won't want to miss any of then.  Fun, fun, fun!
    We can accept a limited number of reservations, so it's "first come, first served".  Some spots are automatically taken, so let me know soon.  Deadline is November 9 or when we reach the Traditions Room fire-laws capacity!
    Questions?  Call or email me (but not on October 14 through 16 with any questions).

Mysteries at the Museum Follow-up

Hi, Everyone!

Thought you all would be interested in this nice article by Mike Sangiacomo in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about our event celebrating Art and Chip Sansom for 50 years of The Born Loser comic strip.  We had a great time. Link below. 


Last week, Chip Sansom and his late father were honored by the Great Lakes Chapter of the American Cartoonists Society with a plaque for 50 years ...'Born+Loser'+and+cartoonist+Chip+Sansom+honored+for+50+years+in+print+(video)&cd=KhMxMzIwNjcxMTYwODA0ODc4ODE2Mho0NDYzNDY2ZDAxYjc3YjM5OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWQUOuA0bDVdnw5PBBfYRHmaC4NQA'Born+Loser'+and+cartoonist+Chip+Sansom+honored+for+50+years+in+print+(video)&cd=KhMxMzIwNjcxMTYwODA0ODc4ODE2Mho0NDYzNDY2ZDAxYjc3YjM5OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWQUOuA0bDVdnw5PBBfYRHmaC4NQA'Born+Loser'+and+cartoonist+Chip+Sansom+honored+for+50+years+in+print+(video)&cd=KhMxMzIwNjcxMTYwODA0ODc4ODE2Mho0NDYzNDY2ZDAxYjc3YjM5OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWQUOuA0bDVdnw5PBBfYRHmaC4NQA

Mysteries at the Museum
GLC Meeting 8/27/16

Hi, Everyone!

Hope you are having a great summer. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, August 27 at 11:30 AM.  We’re having a fun meeting at the magnificent Cleveland Public Library and lunch at (we hope) the fabulous, historic Arcade across the street.

The Library has an exhibition of Ohio cartoons, a Shakespeare show, and a new, big Superman collection just donated to them.  We also hope to celebrate 51 years of “The Born Loser” strip by Art and Chip Sansom.  Chip is one of our founding GLC members.  Family and friends are welcome.  Our famous, fabulous door prizes, too.  We’ll need a count soon.  If you want to stay overnight, there is a great new hotel in the Arcade and parking there and, for extra fun, the nearby Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Car and Aviation museum, etc. 

So, please plan to join us on Saturday, August 27 at 11:30 AM for our own “Mysteries at the Museum” Day.


GLC Reubens Pictures are Finally Here!


HOGAN'S ALLEY Reubens Pictures

Legendary Cleveland Reporter Neil Zurcher

Many Northeast Ohioans know Neil as the VERY FIRST and original “One Tank Trip” reporter on Cleveland Fox 8 WJW TV. For nearly 40 years Neil has been traveling the roads of Ohio, and beyond, reporting on unique and entertaining travel stops that are only a “One Tank Trip” from Cleveland, Ohio. This is his fairwell tour ...

Read more on Mark's BLOG at

Note: Return shout out to Mark from Neil at

Mark Szorady


2016 GLC Reubens Judging Get Together!

Thanks to all who could make it and to Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers for their years of Cartooning!

Photos compliments of Mark Szorady (click here)

GCL Cookbook!

Order via mail (Order Form) or Online Store.

Our cookbook a new online/credit card ordering contact: or email 
Braughter Books was spun off from our original publisher, Greyden Press.
People can still order books from Polly Keener if paying by check.
It appears that it is still listed fron Greyden Press - FYI (link above)

Nice Article on our Cookbook Here


Joe Wos Day!

Mayor William Peduto has declared December 2nd 2015 Joe Wos Day in Pittsburgh. Joe was bestowed this honor for his contributions to the arts in Pittsburgh and beyond. The decree recognized his founding of the ToonSeum, his feature MazeToons from Creators, his work with the Charles M. Schulz Museum and his recent book the Three Little Pigsburghers (The story of the Three Pigs as told in Pittsburghese.) 

Congrats Joe!

The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC)

Rich's annual nod to Christmas ;) Any GLC members wanting to participate next year, just let Rich know!

Photos from our GLC November Events

Saturday, November 7:  The Fisher Auditorium, the big annual Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, Ohio.

Thursday, November 12:  The Hudson, Ohio Library and Historical Society program about cartooning and cooking.


Upcoming Chapter Events:

1.      Saturday, July 30:  Cartooning at Riley Children's Hospital in Indy.
2.      October 3, 2015:  First annual Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a one day expo at the Cultural Arts Center. 
3.      Saturday, November 7:  From 9:30 – 4:30 at the Fisher Auditorium, the big annual Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, Ohio will take place and the GLC application for a spot has been accepted.
4.      Thursday, November 12:  The Hudson, Ohio Library and Historical Society has invited us to do a program there to talk about cartooning and cooking if we want to, as well as sell our chapter cookbooks and any books or art of your own you want to bring. 

Contact Polly if you have any questions or need details.


Congrats to all the 2015
Reuben Award Winners and Nominees!

Chapter Photos are HERE!
Hogan's Alley Photos (here)

R.I.P. Roy Doty

To Roy and those who knew him (or wish they did):

It's a terrible loss to have such a tremendous creative talent and a wonderful friend be silenced. We were all so fortunate to have known Roy Doty as long as we did and will have the joy of his humorous illustrations and memories of his feisty spirit to enjoy always. He was younger at heart than most people half his age.

We miss you, Roy. We'll miss you at our Great Lakes Chapter meetings with the lovely Nancy Maar: we'll miss you calling to account folks at the National Cartoonists Society annual meetings: we'll miss your clever Christmas cards and "purfeled" page edge decorations: we'll miss your joy, your martinis and your amazing cartoon versatility and accomplishments, as well as your laser-like frankness at Reuben category judgings, and, of course, your savoir faire and indomitable sense of fun. Roy also won about 8 Reuben category awards, the NCS Gold Medal, illustrated 178 books, had a TV show, a comic strip, invented board games, monthly and weekly gigs with different magazines, etc. etc., etc. He also worked form 9 AM to midnight every day. A rare and wonderful combination of traits and talents made you truly "one of a kind."

Roy's friend Nancy Maar has suggested that we might want to do, at a later date, a memorial celebration/tribute to Roy and other GLC members have suggested tributes in his honor, possibly to the NCS Foundation or the Billy Ireland Library. Thank you all for your thoughts and offers of help. Together, we'll come up with something good. Meanwhile, check out the links to Roy's TV show in 1954 (, that Adrian Sinnott sent. Roy also is on Wikipedia.

on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, NCS

Read more on Roy at the NCS web site (click here)


GLC Chapter Reubens Ad

Hi, Everyone!

It's that time of the year again, Reuben Journal ad time.  For the last few years, we've done a wonderful full-page group GLC ad and would like to do that again.  It always gets lots of attention.  In years past, about 17-19 people have participated, about the maximum number we can fit in the ad.  The full-page ad this year (again) costs $600, so the cost per person will depend upon how many of us participate, probably about $35 per person -- way less than buying even the smallest individual ad.

If you want to join the GLC ad, please let me know so I can keep count and let you know the exact cost later.
Dan Collins has graciously agreed to pull everyone's ads together in a coherent production and get it to David Folkman before April 1.  Dan has done a superb job juggling our past disparate art contributions into fun big ads.  The overall "title" of the ad will probably be congratulations to the Reuben Award nominees.  You can send a piece of your art, a self-caricature, message or whatever will reproduce well in the size of a small business card.  Try to get your ad to Dan by mid-March to give him time to arrange things and get the ad in on time.  For more info email Dan!


Cleveland Comic Con

Friday, February 20 through Sunday Feb 22, there will be a huge Comic Con at the Cleveland Convention Center.  There is a long guest list of celebrities as well as local writers and artists.  If you are interested (and not frozen to the ground), go to for admission prices and to buy tickets, etc.

Thanks to GLC Treasurer Ed Black for calling this to my attention.

Polly Keener, GLC Chair


King of Comics Exhibit Opens
at the
Billy Ireland Cartoon Libray at OSU 12/13/14

"The Cartoonist" Trailer (Official)

The official trailer for "The Cartoonist" - The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, BONE and the Changing Face of Comics. The official trailer for "The Cartoonist". -Way to go Jeff!

Enjoy Frank Pauer's latest handiwork via the Cartoon!st and NCS Foundation Comic Con Magazines! Very Nice.
NCS Members should have received these in the mail (of course).

Thanks Frank!


Congrats to all NCS GLC Reubens Category Winners

Congratulations of Dave Coverly and Jeff Smith
for winning the Reuben Awards in their divisions.
The Great Lakes Chapter rocks! - Polly

This year's Reuben Winners can be viewed at the NCS page

Blogging about the Reubens:
Jerry Dowling -
The Daily Cartoonist -
John Steventon's Facebook Album (click here)
Hogan's Alley Reuben Awards Photo Link (click here) {just added 7/9}

Welcome New Member - John Steventon!

We extend a big welcome to the Great Lakes Chapter's new NCS member, John Steventon, whom many of your met recently in Columbus.  Glad to have you aboard, John!


Picture here from the Chapter 20th Anniversary Dinner
Rich Diesslin, John Steventon, Tim and Laura Ellis

Pictured here hosting the Memoir Comics Panel, with a great group of talent!
With John Steventon, Jimmy Gownley and Dara Naraghi.

Congrats to all NCS Reubens Nominees

including from our Chapter:
Dave Coverly (Newspaper Panels), Daryll Collins (Mag. Illustration), Jeff Smith (Online Long Form), CF Payne (Book Illustration), Terri Libenson (Newpaper Comic Strip)!

March 22nd Chapter Meeting
GLC Celebrating 20 years!

See Photos Here ... Got more photos - send them in to Rich

Dear Great Lakes Chapter members and chapter friends,
       Chapter members have had a busy year with gatherings all over Ohio, such as
· in Cincinnati, at the Veteran’s Hospital
· in Akron for the Reuben Comic Strip Division judging
· in Cleveland for the “Super Splendor Sunday” arranged by Ron Hill
· in Columbus for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum opening at renovated Sullivant Hall

       Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope it will be a splendid year for each of you!

Looking back on a small sample of chapter members’ 2013 activities, intrepid GLC cartoonists Chip Bok and Paul Combs went on USO tours, several GLC folks helped judge the Toon Art Awards for college students, others participated in area comicons such as the ones in Akron and Columbus, and quite a few members have new books and e-books out.

We have several new and NCS-rejoined members but, unfortunately, lost our oldest great cartoonist, Pete Hoffman, who was 94. 
The Great Lakes Chapter sponsored coffee and tea on Saturday morning in Columbus at the Cartoon Festival.  Jenny Robb and co. organized the fabulous Festival and distinguished GLC’er Dr. Lucy Caswell received the rare Elzie Segar Award from King Features for her dedication to cartooning.  Jeff Smith was a featured cartoonist twice during the festivities and Frank Pauer did the handsome program.

We did a GLC group ad, coordinated by Dan Collins,  for the 2013 Reuben Journal and almost half of our chapter members made it to Reuben Weekend in Pittsburgh last May where GLC folks

Daryll Collins, Jim Borgman, and Dave Coverly were Reuben Division nominees and Terri Libenson was a special speaker.

Upcoming in 2014:  As there are more NCS chapters now than Reuben Award categories, chapters have to rotate and this is an off-year for us.  However, there is a special Bill Watterson and Richard Thompson exhibit coming up in Columbus and we plan to have a meeting this Spring in conjunction with that, celebrating the Great Lakes Chapter’s 20th anniversary.  Once again, hooray to founding Chairman Earl Musick for starting the chapter in 1994!!
Other fun stuff, too.  Stay tooned. .  .
Warm regards,
Polly Keener



Please plan to attend the Saturday morning “coffee” in Columbus 11/16 at the FESTIVAL OF CARTOON ARTS since we are sponsoring it.

The chapter, as has been our tradition, is sending a memorial for Pete Hoffman (who passed away at age 94 in September) to his favorite charity, Congregation Etz Chayim.  To read his obituary, go to the September 8, 2013 Toledo Blade website. 

I forwarded the notes of condolence many GLC folks sent to Pete’s nephew, Paul, who appreciated your thoughts.
Hope to see everyone in Columbus in November!


Cinci VA Hospital Visit Photos
Finally! Here they posted!

Group Shot

It's official!  Make plans now to attend our Holiday Bash,
back at the spectacular Society of illustrators in Manhattan!

Details (click here)

The holiday season in New York City is a wonderful time to come out and see the sights, and now we can all ring in the holidays together, and with style, at the Society!  Come out and eat, drink and be merry with us in The Big Apple!Friday, December 6th, 6pm-9pm Society of Illustrators, in the dining room. 128 East 63rd St, between Park and Lexington.

Admission is $20.
This includes food!  In Manhattan??  What a deal!

Hotel group rates will be available, more info on that soon!  All proceeds from the event to to the InkWell Foundation!
Hi, Everyone,

Tom Heintjes, publisher of Hogan's Alley, sent this discounted subscription offer to us.  As you may know, every issue is packed with cartoon lore.  David Folkman -- who does the fun Reuben Journal "morphes" -- is design director for Hogan's Alley.  Our own Ed Black has had articles in the magazine, too.

If you want to subscribe or renew, here's a chance to save a couple of dollars.

The customary price is four issues for $24, but for GLC chapter members they are offering a rate of four issues for $22.
They accept Payal (at, or payment sent to Hogan's Alley, P.O. Box 3872, Decatur, GA 30031.


Reuben Awards - GLC Photos (click here)
GLC Photo

See YOU at The GLC Reubens

Reuben Ad 2013

Thanks to all the participants and especially to
Dan Collins for putting this together again this year!
Reuben Judging - More Photos!

Thanks to Mark Szorady!

The Hairdo Monologues

Some Excerpts and a Video clip

Featuring Vicki and Tony Cochran!

Reuben Judging - Jerry's BLOG

New Book:
Out to Lunch - Animal Cartoons


This book, Out to Lunch - Animal Cartoons by Rich Diesslin contains over 155 of his favorite Out to Lunch animal cartoons.
Full Color eBook and b/w Paperback, 86 pages
First Printing February 2013 | ISBN: 978-0-9848872-2-4

Got a new book, email me the details and we'll list it in the GLC Bookstore!

GLC Reuben Judging coming up the End of February or Beginning of March 9th with Snow Date 3/10! 
At Polly's starting at 11:30am.  Contact Polly to RSVP and if you need directions.

New Book - The New Classics

The New Classics - 21st Century Comic Strips - Book and Kindle Book
The New Classics
This book is 148 pages and includes four pages of comic strips each from 36 incredible cartoonists. That's over 500 comics!

Includes Michael Kandalaft, Steven Degryse, Chad Carpenter,  Daniel Boris, Rich Diesslin, Mark Simon, Ken Schotsch, Alan Campbell, Tyson Cole, Randy McIlwaine, Brian Martin, Scott Lincoln, Bill Abbott, Richard Cross, Dan Collins, Werner Wejp-Olsen, DaveBlazek, Graham Nolan, Jim and Pat McGreal, Rob Duckett, Wil Panganiban, Doug Bratton, Bridgett Spicer, Rick Hotton, Brian Martian, Scott Nickel, Ron Therien, Crystal Jones, Tom Gammill, Josh Alves, Mark Heath, Geoff Hassing, and Drew Pocza.


Outcault/Stahler exhibit at the Decorative Arts Center in Lancaster, Ohio

More 30-60-90 Birthday Party Pictures (click here)!

Happy 30-60-90th Birthday(s)

30-60-90 Birthdays
More Photos

Whitney Keener, Roy Doty, Frank Pauer
(in 30-90-60 order at Roy's Place)

The Joe Frankenstein Project

I want to let as many people know about our project, "JOE FRANKENSTEIN," as I can.

There's some great swag at various donation levels, so please take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'JOE FRANKENSTEIN' happen.

Many thanks.

Graham Nolan

Superman Returns to Metropolis (aka Cleveland)

Hi, Everyone!

Superman is coming back to Ohio – specifically, to Cleveland Hopkins airport. A permanent exhibition opens there on October 11. Relatives of Siegal and Shuster, creators of Superman, as well as the Mayor of Cleveland, and other dignitaries will be there. The exhibit and a Superman stature are to be across from the baggage claim area, where will be a 5:00 PM reception on October 11. I may try to attend and, maybe, you’d like to, also. I’d love to have photos and news from the event so, if you can go to the opening (or anytime to the airport and see the permanent exhibit), please send your “Super” photos so we can include them in chapter news for the Cartoonist Magazine.

Probably, you already know that a perfect 1938 copy of Superman’s first appearance in “Action #1” comic sold from $2.1 million earlier this year. Its original price was 10¢.

Warm regards,

Jerry Mooney NightCallers Project

I'm writing about my animation project, "Nightcallers", for which I'm sure you've seen my shameless pleading on Facebook and elsewhere. I'm trying to raise some money to complete a short sample scene to use in pitching the project to movie and animation studios.

You may be familiar with Kickstarter, an online crowd sourced fundraising website where anyone can put up a creative project and attempt to raise money. Some impressive projects have been funded this way, but the people who have the greatest success are those with a big online audience or some other established following, neither of which I have!

Also, it's a pledge system, and if I don't hit my target, I get zero and you don't get charged.

If you'd like to see a little more about what I'm trying to accomplish, go to and watch my video;  if you like it, you just need to click the "Back this project" button and you can pledge any amount starting at one buck. However I need help so hopefully you'll be moved to do a little more. You will need an Amazon account to make a pledge.  Also can get there from

Thanks for considering this and I hope to see you on my backers list!                            

Best regards, Gerry Mooney

2012 Reubens Photos from Ed Black

Cartoonist wraps up dark saga | Columbus Dispatch
Jeff Smith has a unique success story in the comic-book industry. His first self-published comic-book series, Bone, became a runaway hit, in no small part because of a deal with Scholastic that put collected editions of the series in the hands of ...

Hogan's Alley Reubens Photos

Quite a lot of photos, many of GLC chapter members! Click Here.  FYI.

VA Photos

Here are some photos from the GLC Cinci VA visit complements of the VA!  FYI.

2012 Ruebens Award Winners

Listed on the NCS Mothership - Congrats to Winners and Nominees!
Some other articles and such on the Alerts Page. FYI.

Selling any Cartoon Merchandise?

Let me know and I'll try to set up a chapter page or add it to the book store. -Rich

Here's one:

I’m pleased to announce the “opening” of the Pajama Diaries online store!

The store features many original cards for Mother’s Day -- perfect for moms, sisters, or fellow in-the-trenches friends. It also carries t-shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, mugs, coasters, and yes – pajamas. Plus MORE.  And don’t forget the book! It didn’t come out until late May last year, so this is my first Mother’s Day push. Great gift for friends and loved ones. Hope you enjoy. If you have a hard time reading anything, let me know and I’ll help you out.

Thanks so much for your support! -Terri (

Here's two:

I also sell a bunch of stuff with my cartoons on it ... check out my store here! ;)  Thanks - Rich

Kenosha Cartoon Festival

If you would like to support (or just get information ongoing) to the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning, details are below ...
(Note: our own Dave Coverly is one of the VIPs)

Reubens Merchandise

If you would like a t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, or other cool stuff with the really cool 2012 Reuben Ad designed by Dan
you can check it out at

Cinci VA Hospital Visit on 4/22

A good time was had by all!

From Polly's recent email -
"The patients and staff really seemed to appreciate our visit and, as y you saw, they worked hard to provide many special touches ... the handsome medallions were a lovely surprise.  Although it wasn’t quite possible to plan every detail ahead of time, you all did a fabulous job to make it a neat event, even when some parts were extemporaneous.

pparently, we were able to meet and sketch a large percentage patients from several floors, maybe about 70- 80 total.   Jo Ann mentioned that several patients who came to the auditorium [overcame various issues] to see us.  An interesting compliment!  And Ms. Smith, the head of the VA hospital, made the special trip to greet us which was quite an honor.

Additionally, the Recreation Service Coordinator from the Cleveland VA hospital made the five-hour trip there to see us and I guess we must have passed inspection because she would like to arrange a Great Lakes Chapter visit to the Cleveland hospital, so we’ll be investigating that.

Thank you all for giving up a whole Sunday to do this event, for all being right on time, and for sending you bios, art samples for the posters, and art for the cartoon workbook they distributed and especially for meeting and entertaining the patients!"

Pictures should follow ... in the meantime check out Jerry's BLOG click here!  A great summary of the trip and you can see his excellent caricatures!

Cinci VA Visit 4/22 @ 1:00-4:30pm

Last Fall, we had a request from the Cincinnati VA hospital to do a program for their patients and it has taken a while to find a date and time that works for them and, hopefully, lots of us.  We had to avoid the major holidays, military days, etc. and have settled on Sunday, April 22 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM (best to be there by 1:00 PM.  We hope lots of members and GLC cartoonist friends can be there.

This will be one of the most important, useful, and highly appreciated appearances you can make all year.  No kidding. The hospital folks are very excited to have us.  I’ll share a portion of JoAnn Norton’s (Cincy VA Volunteer Services and Recreation Specialist) email to me:  “There is quite a buzz about GLNCS coming here in April ... Your group is going to put a lot of smiles on the Veterans faces.”  They’ve sacrificed years for us.  We can give three hours to them.

She would like to have the names of some, or all, of those of us who will be attending as she wants their Media Department to create publicity posters with cartoonists’ names, brief bios, and cartoon graphics. Additionally, if you have cartoons or puzzle features you can send to me ahead of time, the VA hospital will make copies or booklets in advance that will be distributed to each patient. So, please let me know ASAP if you will be joining us for this important, fun, and satisfying worthwhile event. 

Keep in mind – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRAW CARICATURES – unless you want to.  Caricatures are extremely popular and I watched Ron Hill be swamped with fans as he drew many caricatures a the Cleveland VA hospital.  However, what most of us probably will do is present a group “show” – each cartoonist can do his or her own thing – talk, do a “chalk talk,” tell how you do cartoons or get into cartooning, possibly draw on an overhead projector, stand-up comedy (Earl?), guitar song (Tony?), and then we’ll let patients ask questions, and probably have them come up to the table and get a personalized drawing(s) or autograph(s).  For this part:
 ★ you can bring ready-drawn and/or pre-printed cartoons you’ve done, if you are not a “quick draw,” and just personalize them for patients, or. . .
 ★ you can bring a stack of paper and do quick sketches of something a patient requests – boat, dog, and so forth, or. . .
 ★ caricatures?  By all means, if you can and want to and/or. . .
 ★ individual room visits

If we have enough cartoonists, some can make visits to individual rooms, in pairs or groups after or during our group presentation so that one can draw for the patients while the other(s) actually chat with them.  GLC friends, spouses, who don’t actually draw, could join a GLC cartoonist for in-room chats and draw sessions, too.  Hospital personnel will accompany people on room visits.
★ you can also bring copies of your books, pamphlets, bookmarks, magnets, or other things with your cartoons, to give to patients (or books to donate to their library) if you wish.  (Library donations to a VA hospital can be tax deductible to you, by the way.)
So, please let me know soon if you can attend on April 22 and send you bio and a bit of your cartoon art to me so I can forward it for their PR posters. Thanks so much for reading all this!  Call or email.  Thanks, again!


Newspaper Illustration Reubens Judging @ Polly's Sunday, March 4th

Photos Compliments of Mark Szorady!

ROCKWELL Meeting went well - pictures to come
(Finally Posted - here it is!)

Rich Diesslin's New Book!

Out to Lunch - Cartoons with an Appetite for the Ridiculous!


Over 170 of Rich's OTL cartoons.  FYI!
Full Color eBook and b/w Paperback, p92, ISBN: 978-0-9848872-1-7

Dan Collins eBook Update!
My new store for digital downloads like ebooks is live. See it here

This is another way you can sell your books right from your own website with a link. Takes a bit of study and some help from their people to get it going right but the result is pretty nice-looking.  The minimum price for things is $4.99 there. They take a small % of each sale. If you're selling lots of books that might be worth it. -Dan

Check out Earl Musick's 7 seconds of fame (14:53 remaining).

I did a video clip for a guy I know at the Academy Awards. GMA saw it and they said they loved it and wanted to use the clip, but when they aired it they cut my 40 second video down to 7 seconds. Oh well. The full version is going to be on and may be a promo for the Oscars.
Yes, I know that I was only on Good Morning America for a few seconds, but I was on with ELVIS, Lisa Marie, and Lady Gaga. I am still claiming this as being too cool for Earl and the full version should show up again somewhere on ABC.  -Earl

ABC Link (click here)

Daryll Collin New BLOG!
The Great Lake Chapter members might be interested in following Dayrll's new blog, "Cartoon Succotash".
It'll be about whatever is on my mind. Cartoon related and otherwise.

Dan Collins New E-Book!

Dan Collins marks his debut in e-publishing with a collection of some
of his most notoriously funny cartoons from 34 years in magazine gag cartooning.
Only $2.99 wherever ebooks are sold.
Cartoons That Will Send Me Straight to Hell

book cover

GLC members and friends are invited to the Dayton Art Institute Norman Rockwell Show and lunch at the Pauers’, on Saturday, January 21, 2012!!!!



Click for details at



Please join the Great Lakes chapter of the National Cartoonists Society as we travel to Dayton to take in "American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell." The exhibition at the beautiful Dayton Art Institute includes 42 original works of art, as well as a complete set of Rockwell's 323 Saturday Evening Post cover tearsheets. It's all a terrific presentation. For more exhibit information, see


Frank and Janet Pauer will host, beginning any time after 11 a.m. at their home, (email Frank if you need the address or directions). Lunch will be at noon, followed by a brief meeting. We'll make the 10-minute drive and gather at the DAI at around 2 p.m. Members can then take as much -- or little -- time as they like at the museum, and you'll leave for home from there. Or back to Frank and Janet's, in case you want to look at some more cartoon art.


Please RSVP to Polly Keener, GLC Chair, at 330-836-4448 or We need your answer no later than Monday, January 16 so that we can accommodate everyone for lunch.


Lunch will be on the chapter's dime; DAI exhibit admission for chapter members is $13 each.


Frank suggests car pooling if you have a long drive to make, to add extra fun to your trip!


This is a great show , hope you can join us!


Pride of Dayton
University of Dayton - News Home
Frank Pauer, art director UD Magazine and member of the National Cartoonists Society!

The University of Dayton Magazine took top honors in the 2011 Pride of CASE V program, which recognizes outstanding work in public relations, alumni relations and development in a six-state region. It won a gold award for alumni magazines of its size.

A humorous cartoon of Rudy Flyer, the University's mascot, won a bronze award for best illustration.  Frank Pauer, art director and member of the National Cartoonists Society, created the illustration for a University of Dayton Magazine feature about the Tampa Bay alumni chapter
... (click here for full article)

You are Invited to Participate in the 9th Annual Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC)

Rich Diesslin hosts this annual tribute to Christmas over on his web site.  For details (click here).
RSVP if you are interested. ;)

Earl Musick's New Book

Musick - I
                                          live with Peter Pan

 I Live with Peter Pan

Missy A Vaughn (Author), Earl Musick (Illustrator), Jason Batt (Designer)

Looks like a fun children's book full of fun and imagination!


National Cartoonists Society Brings Comic Relief and Illustration ...
(Oct. 19, 2011) – National Cartoonist Society (NCS) member Todd Clark (“Lola”) joined fellow illustrators
on morale boosting USO/Armed Forces Entertainment ... (including Paul Combs) ...

MidOhio Comic Con

Come see the NCS - GLC Booth (hosted by Earl and Rich), along with other GLC exhibitors including Dan Collins, Steve Boreman, Jeff Smith and more!

Two book signings for “The Pajama Diaries: Déjà To-Do

Wednesday, October 5 at 6:30 pm at Barnes & Noble at the Great Lakes Mall
7900 Mentor Avenue
Mentor, OH 44060

Saturday, October 22 at 1-3 pm at The Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson
204 N Main Street
Hudson, OH 44236-2826

You can purchase my book at either event and have it signed, or you can bring your previously bought book (from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or my website) and I’ll be happy to sign it there as well.

Mike and I really hope you can make it to one of these events. If anything, it supports our local bookstores. It also helps support this starving artist (I’m craving carbs as we speak).

Thanks so much!
Terri Libenson (Davis)

Tony Cochran's Custom Guitars!

This is something new we started. It has been fun building the web site and the electric guitars. Check out the rumored stories for each guitar and follow the blog for the Guitar Hunter's adventures. Tell EVERYONE our new site loves traffic and feedback.
-Tony & Vickie
Home page

Own a custom elctric guitar reimagined by syndicated cartoonist/artist Tony Cochran. The guitar's look, feel, tone, eccentric devices, and story compliment a musician, band, or guitar/art collection.

Mark your calendars for September 17th!

Please join the NCS Great Lakes Chapter and friends
on Saturday, September 17, 2011
for two special events!

A Show Opening and Special Reception for Roy Doty's wonderful illustrations
from 3:00 – 4:30 PM at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
of Ohio State University 27 West 17th Avenue Mall, Columbus, Ohio

Then, continue the festivities with a delicious celebratory dinner
at Schmidt's Historic German Village Restaurant, 240 East Kossuth St., Columbus, Ohio
from 5:00 to 8:00 PM during which we will toast, thank, and congratulate both Roy Doty
and Lucy Shelton Caswell on their many, many achievements including this year's top awards from
the National Cartoonists Society, the Gold Key Award (Cartoonists Hall of Fame) for Roy and the
Silver T-Square Award for Lucy.

Come and join the fun: there will be favors, door prizes and more!

Roy Doty Show & Reception: no charge
Dinner at Schmidt's: $16.50 per person inclusive. Cash bar.

Please reply by September 10th.
Checks for dinner should be mailed to Polly Keener at

Note: Great Lakes Chapter members may also receive this invitation by "snail mail" with a reservation
tear-off form but, if you don't receive that, feel free to send a reply and reservation anyway.

All the Best,
Polly Keener

New REUBENS Pictures by Whitney Keener
Faces | Places

And Jerry Dowling's Reubens BLOG starts here!

Terri Libenson Has a Book Out!

Details Here -

It’s official! The first book compilation of Pajama Diaries strips is now available to order (no more pesky pre-orders).

“The Pajama Diaries: Déjà To-Do!” can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. Spread the word!

Dick Dugan Passes at 85

Long time GLC/NCS member Dick Dugan died on April 16, at age 85.  Dick was a charter member of the Chapter and a well-known former sports cartoonist at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  The funeral was today in Eastlake, Ohio.

Notes could be sent to Mrs. Jean Dugan (address provied by email request) and, if you wish, contributions are directed to Hospice of the Western Reserve, 300 WWast 185th St., Cleveland, OH 44119

Dick Dugan, Longtime Plain Dealer Cartoonist, Passes Away at the Age of 85
Cleveland Scene Weekly
While he might be best remembered for his sports contributions, his work as a cartoonist for the PD, a span that lasted 38 years, encompassed much, much more, and his contributions outside of that career were just as memorable and important.
See all stories on this topic »
Cleveland Scene Weekly

Reuben Category Awards Finalists Announced:

Check out the main NCS page for details but
congrats to our own Dan Collins in the Greeting Cards
and Jared Lee for Book Illustration!

Earl Musick's New Book

Our Bookstore Reference | Amazon

Jerry Dowling Has some New Books Out!

Our Bookstore Reference

Individually they are;



Jerry Dowling's

Revised New Web Site!

Photos from the February GLC Meeting

STAY TOONED - Issue 6 features a multitude of Mikes: new profiles (that's interviews and art galleries) of Mike Arnold, Mike Cope, Mike Edholm, Michael Jantze, Mike Lynch, Michael Maslin and Michael Ramirez; Cartoonist Surveys conducted by David Paccia with Mike Marland and Mike Shapiro; a "True-Life Adventure" told by Mike Mignola. 

Photo reports share John Read's "One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages" travels to Disney ToonFest and Omaha, Nebraska, and his visit to the Cartoon Library at Ohio State University for the Sunday Funnies stamps First-Day-of-Issue ceremony. 

AND: articles/columns contributed by Tom Richmond, R.C. Harvey, Jim Ivey, Rich & Neil Diesslin and John Hambrock!

Tony Cochran on TV

Here's a link to the early release broadcast of Tony Cochran, cartoonist of Agnes, on Writers Talk on The Ohio Channel. The online early release on this link is the same as the upcoming TV show.

Click Here: Check out "The Ohio Channel | Media"   TV video online (archive)

The TV air date is:
Thrusday February 24, 2011
4:00 PM on The Ohio Channel
The Ohio Channel is:

992 on Time Warner, 150 on WOW, 190 on Insight

Tony Cochran & Agnes on radio
Monday January 17 @ 3:30PM.
TV later this month

Tony was on the radio, including online, on Writers Talk on Monday January 17 @ 3:30 PM. WCRS radio is 98.3 and 102.1 FM in Ohio and is also online. It was a really good intereview.

An very short exerpt will be on Wednesday January 19 @8 PM on WCBE radio which is 90.5 in Ohio and is also online.

The audio will be available on Tuesday January 18 in the archive online at and at

A feature television interview date will be announced later in January. Hope you listen and watch!

Home | CSTW (  Link to online broadcast and info. Writers talk. We listen. | CSTW  ( Archived podcast can be found here.

Nice note for Ed Black:

Just wanted to thank you for the Ed Black’s Cartoon Flashback page on cartoonist Roy Hearn (updated in 2005). Roy Hearn was my uncle, so reading the tribute and looking at all the cartoons were a real joy.
Thanks again,
Shari Hearn

An Interview with Christian
Cartoonist Rich Diesslin

For me, I'm a member of the National Cartoonists Society and several online groups in linkedin and facebook. By far the NCS is more useful than the others ...

Rich has an iPhone App! ;)
The Mobile Gospel by Rich Dieslin at

New Web Site with some
GLC Participants!

The CartoonistStudio.Com
Jeff Stahler's page:
Dave Coverly's page:

When I asked what it was all about Jeff said that he was just asked to participate, but doesn't know any of the details. (Note to self - try to work more business deals with Jeff ...<g>). Very little information is available on the site but this is what the "about us" sections says ...

"We created The Cartoonist Studio as a way to bring us closer to the fans who enjoy our funny little drawings--those characters and scribbles that make our cartoons come to life. They live, breathe and occupy a place in our lives...kinda like our children or our pets or our alter egos (except the last one doesn't need feeding or bathing). Our fans know our cartoons and now we want them to know us. In other words, The Cartoonist Studio provides one-stop shopping to get personally involved with all your favorite cartoonists and cartoons."

So in other words .... we aren't telling.  Anyway, it's a nicely done web site.  Check it out!

2009 - 2010

Chapter News Callout for

The deadline for chapter news to the NCS Cartoonist is December 12.  Please phone, send, or e-mail news of special things you are doing (and photos, if you have them) for our chapter news – as soon as you can!  Can’t promise Frank will use all the news, but we can submit it anyway.

Magazine is out!

Frank has done another super job including many shots from the FCA, with Ron's Caricatures and lots of other good stuff!

Added an FCA 2010

FCA 2010
GLC's Ron Hill
Caricatures the FCA!

Ron's sketchbook of the main speakers at the Festival of Cartoon Arts is Amazing -
Caricatures here!
Photo Page here!

GLC's Dave Coverly and several other NCS cartoonists make a USO trip to Kuwait and Iraq.

Click here for the basic information!

Godspeed you guys!

"One Fine Sunday"

to run at OSU during the Festival of Cartoon Arts.  It will be on display throughout the student union from October 9th to 17th.  This is John Read's exhibit of original Sunday cartoon art on loan from many syndicated cartoonists. 

John does the Stay Tooned magazine and is a member of the NCS. 

Check out this recent CNN Interview with Jeff from his Studio.

Click here

Did you go? Got stories? Got photos? Send post them and send us your links (here)!

Congrats to our own Frank Pauer for another super issue of Cartoon!st Magazine!

Photos now Posted!
Great Lakes Chapter Meeting

was held on
Sunday, August 29th, at Jeff Stahler's house! A great time was had by all who attended.  Pictures to come.
Awesome home, great food, good time!

Welcome to incoming Chapter Chair Polly Keener and Vice Chair Earl Musick.

Thanks to outgoing Chairman Craig Boldman and VC Daryll Collins for their many years of service!

(send me any additional photos you want posted)

Stay Tooned
Traveling Road Show!

See the nice write-up Alan Gardener provided for John Reed's traveling exhibit of Sunday Originals

The 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art - October 14-17, 2010

Attached is a press release about the 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art, which the chapter will be involved in. Also, a festival website has been launched:

BSA 100 - A BIG THANK YOU to GLC member's Tony Cochran, Dave Coverly and Frank Pauer for participating in the 100 Years of the Boy Scout of America nod to scouting.

Tony was the first to step up, followed closely by Dave. Once a few step forward others are more willing to do so. Thanks to Frank's announcement in the Cartoon!st magazine Marcus Hamilton of Dennis the Menance (daily) and Ron Ferdinand (Sundays) joined in. Add to that Chad Carpenter (Tundra), Mason Mastroianni (BC), John Hambrock (Edison Lee), and Mark Parisi (Off the Mark).  A last minute edition was Mic Mastroianni and Jeff Parker (Wizard of ID).

Hi all-
The following note was sent to me by Karen O'Connell (and Patrick McDonnell) and I thought I would send it on for those who might be interested.
Jeff Keane
NCS President
Karen O'Connell wrote:

Hi Jeff,

The Jane Goodall Institute approached Patrick with the idea of having cartoonists commemorate a special anniversary for Jane Goodall.  July 14 is the 50th anniversary of her first setting foot in Gombe National Park.   

Patrick will be doing a special MUTTS strip for July 14 to commemorate this day and, at the institute’s request, invites all cartoonists to consider participating in their own way as well.  Can you send this out to the syndicated NCS members?

Some additional details:

July 14, 2010 marks a monumental milestone for the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and its founder, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE.  Fifty years ago, Goodall, who is today a world-renowned primatologist, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace, first set foot on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in what is now Tanzania’s Gombe National Park.  The chimpanzee behavioral research she pioneered there has produced a wealth of scientific discovery, and her vision has expanded into a global mission to empower people to make a difference for all living things.

And here’s a link for an interview with Jane about the anniversary:

Thanks Jeff for all you do!

All Best,
Karen O
Mutts Studios, LLC

Video of the February's Chapter Meeting!

Thanks to Marilyn Collins for the video!




You guys might want to make a note of this: just across the river in Huntington, W. Va, their museum is hosting what looks like might be a pretty good show. Click on the graphic novel link at

-Best, Frank (Pauer)

Note: Oh they can display them, but can they judge them in 5 days! ;) -R

Attached is a press release about the 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art, which the chapter will be involved in. Also, a festival website has been launched:

Video of the February's Chapter Meeting!

Thanks to Marilyn Collins for the video!



You guys might want to make a note of this: just across the river in Huntington, W. Va, their museum is hosting what looks like might be a pretty good show. Click on the graphic novel link at

-Best, Frank (Pauer)

Note: Oh they can display them, but can they judge them in 5 days! ;) -R

Still Going Strong ...

Help the Hodges

Click for Details

A BIG THANK YOU to GLC member's Tony Cochran, Dave Coverly and Frank Pauer for participating in the 100 Years of the Boy Scout of America nod to scouting.

Tony was the first to step up, followed closely by Dave. Once a few step forward others are more willing to do so. Thanks to Frank's announcement in the Cartoon!st magazine Marcus Hamilton of Dennis the Menance (daily) and Ron Ferdinand (Sundays) joined in. Add to that Chad Carpenter (Tundra), Mason Mastroianni (BC), John Hambrock (Edison Lee), and Mark Parisi (Off the Mark).

If you are interested, there are still some openings!

For more information click here and/or contact me (Rich)

SUNDAY, FEB. 21 - 1:00 p.m.

Claddagh Irish Pub
Columbus, OH - Polaris Parkway - Map

8745 Sancus Blvd
Columbus, Ohio 43240
Phone: (614) 885-0100
Fax: (614) 885-0957

Many of you will remember this location from our previous dinner
meeting there. It was very popular, so we're going back to check out
how they are for lunch. It'll be individual checks, off the menu.

On the program will be a multimedia presentation / career overview by
chapter co-chair/two-time Reuben Division winner Daryll Collins! This
is not to be missed, so, uh, don't miss it!!

Also, many of us are disgruntled about the chapter's exclusion (again!)
as judges in this year's Reubens, so this will be our occasion to vent
our spleens.

Also, the usual GLC Raffle, show of art (bring your latest!), etc.

Please RSVP so we can give the restaurant a head count.


Help the Hodges ... Starts on January 21st!

Click for Details

NCS Division Awards - Call for Entries

Details -