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Toonfest Contributions
Due the Week of 9/4

Greetings Fellow Cartoonists:

It's time for me to make my annual pitch for you to send a couple of samples of your work to be part of the annual cartoon exhibit that is held every year at the Walt Disney Hometown Toonfest in Marceline, MO.

I was a speaker at one of the early Toonfest events and I return every year to volunteer and hang out with my cartoonist buddies. One of my volunteer assignments is to round up cartoon art for the exhibit. The response I receive from you guys year after year is one reason I keep coming back to Marceline, MO to help out.

This year's Toonfest Headliners are John Glynn, President of Andrews McMeel Universal Syndicate, John Rose, Editorial Cartoonist and the "Snuffy Smith" comic feature, Barbara Dale, greeting card designer, and Disney animators Mike and Patty Peraza. This year's edition of the Disney Toonfest will run September 15-16.

I'm writing to ask you to send me a couple of examples of your work. If you choose to send them via email, please make them 10" wide and 200 or 300 dpi. When I get your files I'll print them and put them in precut mats that I have on hand. Please send electronic files directly to me at

Should you choose to send original art, the pieces should me matted or mounted on mat board. Original art should be sent directly to:

Toonfest Office
207 N. Main Street USA
Marceline, MO
Phone: 660-376-9258
Web Site:

Original artwork will be returned to you with the Toonfest paying for return shipping.

I need all electronic files to be in my hands for printing and matting no later then the week of September 4. We drive down to Marceline to hang the cartoon show on Thursday, Sept. 14.

You folks have always given a great response when I send out the call for cartoons for the Toonfest Exhibit and I'm sure this year will be no different. I'll look forward to receiving your cartoons!

Best wishes,
Paul Fell